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Ассемблер MACRO11 для PDP-11 / БК 001х под Windows
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Автор:  Voland [ 31 дек 2013, 00:46 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Ассемблер MACRO11 для PDP-11 / БК 001х под Windows

MACRO-11 cross assembler for Win32

MACRO11 is the standard assembler language for PDP-11 systems. It is a macro assembler, meaning that the programmer can define own high level statements, which will be translated into sequences of multiple processor opcodes. A macro assembler is a step toward a real high-level language compiler.

MACRO11 is available for several platforms. For PDP11GUI I needed a free MACRO11 cross assembler for Win32. I use the version of Richard Krehbiehl, distributed together with SimH. To retrieve the original, download this and open subdirectory “crossassemblers/macro11”.

Later I needed to fix some bugs in macro11, so now there’s my own version of Richard Krehbiels macro11.exe.

  • The executable for Win32 is part of PDP11GUI.
  • Sources are available in the attachement.
  • DEC’s original MACRO11 documentation is part of almost all DEC operating systems. See the documentation in RSX11Mplus V4 for example.

Комментарий к файлу: MACRO11 Win32 executable
macro11.exe.zip [28.51 KiB]
Скачиваний: 351
Комментарий к файлу: My version of Richard Krehbiehls MACRO11 cross assembler (minor bug fixes and enhancements).
macro11.tar.gz [58.94 KiB]
Скачиваний: 341

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